TUPEX has become the first brand to come to mind when it comes to vacations, which are determined by the trends of the industry with the support of holiday enthusiasts, the achievements are honored with prizes and the holidays. With the right and honest service policies that it has pursued since its establishment, with its infrastructure and technology investments, it continues its day by day. 


Believing that customer satisfaction and quality service approach comes first of all, experienced employees of TUPEX are continuing to make every necessary preparations every day to respond to all of your needs in line with this principle and to make all necessary preparations for you to have an unforgettable holiday experience. Turkey strong links the hotel and online in general connected by more than 600 points of sale, which has an extensive service network Jolly Tour 3500 people who found the big team, always the highest quality products, aims to provide its guests with an affordable price advantages.
Our quality policy
TUPEX adopts and implements continuous improvement with its technological, human resources and infrastructural investments, satisfying legal regulatory requirements and customer expectations with professional staff and professional structuring, evaluating the customer as every other guests and targeting 100% customer satisfaction.
our vision
TUPEX of Turkey sending all the holidays and continues to work in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Our mission
The TUPEX has a structure that is open to change and innovation and is customer focused.TUPEX is primarily for the customer. It aims to make a difference in what it does by making all the possibilities of technology available to its customers and its personnel. It always tries to be the tour operator that the client and the employee will prefer.





TUPEX, with its service understanding based on making a difference and making a difference in the sector, develops special projects in line with their needs and applies them in a boutique service. With its experienced staff and a comprehensive service spectrum, the projenin enables A to Z to be planned and realized from a single source.

Many organizations in Turkey, programs for corporate and tourist travel requirements, in a short time, was able to practice with advantageous and creative projects. It organizes customer visa transactions, travel insurance, hotel, airplane and car reservations, cultural tours, restaurant, theater, yacht sightseeing and similar organizations with experienced guides. In addition, TUPEX also offers "Exclusive VIP Services", which starts and ends at the gate of A plus customers' customized arrival and return aircraft, and each step of the program is realized as a VIP service.

Apart from institutional domestic and international travel and organizations, TUPEX also produces alternative solutions in every corner of the world in elite groups or individual organizations. Borderless service approach at all destinations and project development strategies for every organization are meticulously fulfilling all your demands.

Within the scope of our domestic and international travel and organization consultancy;

Special tour programs prepared according to the preferences of the people, Advantageous price, location focused individual and group hotel reservations, detailed domestic and foreign city tours in desired size, artist's foundation, technical support etc. for special invitations and organizations. we provide all services.