Production machines
TUPEX offers a range of production machines which allow you to integrate standardized systems and components into customized production processes. Depending on the specific requirements, the automation components and function packages can be implemented in your production system either directly or with minor modifications.

Whether you require equipment for a modern and efficient foundry or machines for joining a wide variety of material combinations – all these components have one thing in common: they are tried-and-tested products which are cost-effective and easy to integrate.


Since the Group of which it is a part of manufactures semi-finished products, the company has obtained vast experience and fund of knowledge and used these in machine manufacturing which consolidated its corporate power and know-how even more. The company is unique in the world as it both manufactures the products and the machines which produce the said products.  Moreover, PDS Makina attaches great importance to R&D (Research and Development) activities with intent to manufacture cost-effective and top quality products which can compete in the world market.

In our firm which has targeted to meet more than the expectations of its customers with its continuous improving approach, quality is an absolute phenomenon which is not compromised.
Continuous improvement is provided in all the phases with the Quality Management System that has been applied.

As tupex, a further issue that we give importance in our Quality Policy is to make the required investments and periodic controls in order to minimize the accidents and professional diseases and to provide a healthy and reliable working environment.

All of the TUPEX products have a CE certificate that indicates the compliance to health, security and requirements of protection of the consumer and the environment.

TUPEX also possesses quality certificates aimed at the markets to which it realizes export, and whose inspection is realized by accredited institutions.

TUPEX After Sales Department has been certified in accordance with the technical and administrative criteria sought by the national standards.

 Robotic automation and intelligent logistics solutions from TUPEX are helping the electronics industry to take a major step forwards. Our modular manufacturing cells enable our partners to meet the ever-changing requirements of their own customers optimally at all times.TUPEX gives you an edge over the competition: our robotic automation solutions for the electronics industry can be implemented quickly, enable flexible production and make production processes more efficient. Your advantages
Powerful: The palletizing robots from TUPEX are among the fastest palletizers on the market – while also offering utmost precision and repeatability. With their streamlined, lightweight design, TUPEX palletizing robots achieve greater dynamic performance, shorter cycle times and higher throughput.

Versatile: Our palletizing robots come with a wide range of different payload capacities, reaches and special variants, ensuring that you will always find the right solution, no matter how challenging the palletizing task. All interfaces and energy supply systems are designed for versatility.

Compact: The compact and streamlined design of all palletizing robots enables quick and easy integration into existing systems. Their low disruptive contours extend the effectively usable workspace and allow innovative cell concepts.

Minimal maintenance: All components of the palletizing robots are equipped with low-wear drive trains. Thanks to their advanced and robust design, they have extremely long maintenance intervals – with an availability of 99.995 percent and maximum energy efficiency.