Chemicals and polymers in particular (tailor-made) is the worldwide manufacturer next to it is one of the many well-known companies in Turkey authorized representative.
tupex'n's customers and services are not only limited with Turkey. TUPEX supplies materials from both local stocks and free zone stocks to the Balkan, North Africa and Middle East regions. With its experienced and qualified sales force, it provides the right information about developing technologies and products to its customers.


TUPEX has research and development laboratories, production facilities and technical team that can make the special productions that customers need.

TUPEX tailor-made in accordance with your wishes; Acrylic Polymer & Copolymer Solvents and Acrylic Polyols; Solventless, Solvent Free Polyurethane Resins; and Prepolymers, Water Based Polyurethane, Acrylic and Polyurethane-Acrylic Hybrid Dispersions.

Our products; It is used in adhesives, textile, paint, wood, cosmetics, marine, footwear, leather, metal, coating, insulation, automotive, white goods, cable, electronic and paper sectors.

is a chemical company serving six continental customers with a wide range of products including chlor-alkali and derivatives, peroxides, methylamines, persulfates, bisulfites, textile auxiliaries, paper and water treatment chemicals and concrete additives.

TUPEX, which constantly renews itself and its products, adds new alkyd resins to its product portfolio every year. The company, which has more than 80 kinds of alkyds in its field, continues to grow and develop. Offering special alkide options to our customers, our company attaches importance to joint R & D work and offers special alkide solutions to the firm. It is immediately clear that alkyd resin is the backbone of decorative, furniture and industrial paint production, when it is thought that the most important raw material that provides differentiation is the binder. For this reason, the differentiation and variety of alkyd resins have an important place in the growth of the paint market.


It is a business partner who finds the fastest and most accurate solutions to the customers in the chemical sector. In general, chemical substances, especially about polymer; we carry out research, production adaptation, external procurement, production and export activities to bring solutions to our customers in order to facilitate their work, increase their qualities and reduce their costs. In our work, to reach our main goals; we believe in the importance and value of being a team with our internal and external customers.

We value our research, continuous development, the importance we give to the quality of our products, our customers' safety, reliability, human and environmental health, open communication, fast, timely and gentle service.